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Bike Recycling Program

The BikeAthens Bike Recycling Program (BRP), a cooperative venture with local social support agencies, distributes reconditioned bikes to individuals in the Athens community who are underserved by private and public transportation. We rely exclusively on volunteers to recondition the bikes. Read more>>

Transportation Policy Committee

This committee of BikeAthens is charged with working with transportation policy matters within Athens-Clarke County (ACC). Transportation policy includes issues related to transportation funding mechanisms, mode equity in funding priorities, and community engagement in the civic process through which transportation infrastructure is planned and built. Read more>>

Athens Clarke County Municipal Court Bicycle Safety Program

Working with the ACC Municipal Court and the Athens community, BikeAthens has developed a comprehensive safety program to give people all the information they need to safely navigate local streets. Our bicycle safety course is appropriate for all levels of skill and experience, but it is specifically designed for those who may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable riding on Athens busy local streets.  The course is held the third Friday of every month at 2:00 p.m. Read more>>

BikeAthens Group Ride

BikeAthens Group Rides are leisurely, law-abiding group bicycle rides around Athens. The purpose of BikeAthens Group Rides are to provide a safe, enjoyable atmosphere for all ages and skill levels to ride bicycles, and to demonstrate that bicycles—vehicles under state law—belong on our public streets and roadways. BikeAthens Group Rides are held on the last Friday of the month at 6:00pm, from approximately March to November. Read more>>

Athens Bike Map

In addition to covering bike routes and transit stops in Athens-Clarke County, our free maps include a four-panel enlargement of the University of Georgia campus. Our full-color, topographic maps are available at all BikeAthens events and at a number of locations around Athens. Read more>>

Commuter Assistance

BikeAthens is committed to helping people get to and from work or school with confidence and ease, be it on a bike, a bus, or on foot. Look for us at the Athens Farmers Market every third Saturday from April to December to help plan your route, get inspired by other riders on Bike to Work Day every May, or get in touch with us if you would like assistance or advice. Read more>>

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