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Financial contributions

UPDATE: We need a lot of training wheels for this year’s Holiday Bikes 4 Kid Drive. While we always try our best to recycle parts, intact training wheels are difficult to find, and if they do not fit properly, they can become dangerous.  We need your generosity to get these bikes in acceptable gift-condition.  Any donation you can give will be a huge help.  Thank you!


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During the rest of the year, your donations support advocacy efforts for better transportation options in Athens, and are tax deductible. You may donate any amount via PayPal or send a check to BikeAthens, PO Box 344, Athens, GA 30603.

If you need to renew your membership, please use the “Donate” button below or send us a check, and enter the amount that corresponds to your membership level:

  • $100 for Sponsors
  • $50 for Families
  • $30 for Individuals
  • $15 for Students and Seniors


Join a listserv to stay informed about events, public input opportunities, BikeAthens volunteer opportunities, bike sales, and other general BikeAthens happennings.  Join one here.

Bikes, parts, and accessories

We are always happy to accept donations of bikes, parts, and accessories at the Bike Recycling Shop. Please visit the BRP page for more details, directions, and hours. Tax receipts for your donations are available upon request.

Wish list

Bike Recycling Program

Training Wheels
  • $12 ea

Bike Safety and Security Equipment

  • 80 locks at $10 ea

Bike Repair Expendables

  • 200 brake cables, $162
  • 100 shifter cables, $33
  • 20 bike chains at $5 ea
Bike Safety Education classes we teach to various community and social service organizations
  • Set of class Manuals, ~$180
  • Instructor time per class, ~$30

Our Accomplishments

Need a few reasons to join or donate to BikeAthens?  See this long list of our multiple and varied accomplishments from 2011.  We’ll update this soon, but we’ve been busy ;-)

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