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Bike, Swim, and Camp!

So Refreshing!

Bike Athens is excited to present the culmination of our first annual Summer Series! Join us for a ~30 mile ride out to a local quarry where we’ll swim, cook out, and camp.

All bikes and all riding levels are welcome! Although paniers and racks are a wonderful investment, RSVP if you’d like us to haul something out to the campground by car!

$20 to camp overnight, and $12 to just hangout for the day. In the afternoon, a board member will be bringing some food to grill and some “beverages.”  The campground has working kitchen area, so you can bring your own provisions, if you’d prefer!!

A few of us will be riding over from the BRP shop with an ETA of 10:00am!  Below you can see the route we’ll take. And we’ll bring a few queue sheets as well.

Quarry Ride

Nice and Easy

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August Group Ride 8.28!!

August Group Ride a week from today!  We haven’t ridden the Greenway in a while, so this month, we’ll be riding it end-to-end. Perfect little 7 miler to close out the summer group ride season! See y’all at City Hall at 6:00PM.  It being August and all, chances are it will be hot, so we do recommend bringing some water.

Fun, easy ride around the Greenway


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BikeAthens + Terrapin = Fun

We cranking the Aug. 14th brewery tour to 11!


Athens – August 14

Ladies & Gentlemen, start your pedals!!

In just two weeks, BikeAthens and terrapin will unite for a Day at the Races!  The August 14th brewery tour will be a percentage night supporting your favorite bikers—BikeAthens and SORBA-Athens!  But more importantly, we are not content to merely provide y’all with some complementary glassware; no, we are going to turn it up to 11 with an evening of tiny bike races.  Tiny bike races!?  Yep, tiny bike races.  We’ll set up a course to challenge your friends on some of Athens fastest, tiniest bikes!! Clear your schedule, shave your legs, and get ready to race!!

We’ll also lead a ride from the shop to Terrapin!  More details Wednesday!!

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Cool down, Ride Bright! 2nd Annual Summer Night Ride!

After a hot and humid June, we roll into July–Georgia’s hottest month.  To beat the heat, we’ll ride bright; we’ll ride at night: on July 31st we’ll have another night-ride to take advantage of the wonderfully cool evenings.  Our casual, evening stroll through Athens will start at City Hall at 9:00PM!  As always, when we ride at night, we light it up!  The more lights the better! Blinkies, high beams, flashlights, wheel lights, glowsticks–TRON cosplay!? All encouraged!*  If you don’t have lights, send us a note at and we’ll get you some, so no excuses!

*Front and rear lights required for the ride

Here’s what it looked like last year as we pierced the darkness:

Night Ride

And here’s this Month’s Route

July 31 Group Ride

Light Up the Night!



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Monthly Group Ride + Our 2nd Summer Series!

Mark your calendars, we have two new social ride opportunities to announce!  First, we’ve arranged for our 2nd Summer Series Ride! June 24th, we’ll be heading over to Hendershot’s for bike Happy Hour (5:00-7:00PM).

We’ll ride over from the BRP Shop a little before 5–y’all are welcome to join us for the short cruise over to the Hendershot’s patio.  While this is the second Summer Series to land on a Wednesday, the days will change! The Happy Hours will not exclusively on Wednesdays! The Happy Hour series is partly intended to bring business to local bars and restaurants on their less-busy nights (monday-wednesday), and partly to increase the visibility of people using their bikes to contribute to the local economy around Prince avenue and downtown, so if y’all have sugggestions for bars/restaurants, throw them our way!

Of course, we also have our Monthly Group Ride Friday, June 26th! This month, we going on a nice 5.4 mi. circuit through UGA Campus; should be lovely and quiet this time of year.  As usual, we’ll meet up at City Hall, and roll out at 6:00pm! (It will probably be hot, so we do recommend bringing some water).


June Route Map

Clockwise around Campus

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BikeAthens Summer Series: Wednesday Happy Hour


BikeAthens presents the Summer Series in Celebration of the best time for riding in town

To celebrate the greatest season to live and ride in Athens, Bike Athens is excited to present a summer series of happy hours, bike-in movies, group rides, etc., culminating in a bike-camping trip in August! So grease up your chains because summer is here, and summer was made for biking

Our first Wednesday Happy Hour of the summer will be at Normal Bar this coming Wednesday, the 27th. If you want to ride over in a group, we’ll be leaving from the Tracy St. Warehouses around 5. Otherwise, just meet us there or whatever.

The happy hour series is partly intended to bring business to local bars and restaurants on their less-busy nights (Monday-Wednesday), and partly to increase the visibility of cyclists contributing to the local economy around Prince avenue and downtown, so if y’all have suggestions for bars/restaurants, throw them our way!

We’ve created a Facebook event page for the Summer Series so you can stay up-to-date on the latest events!!


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April 24th-Friday Group Ride

This weekend, we’ll be celebrating Twilight, and part of that celebration is our monthly group ride!!  Whether you are racing in the Criterium, or getting back on the bike for the first time in years, our group ride is for you! On Friday the 24th, we’ll meet at 6:00pm at City Hall before heading out on a lovely tour of Athens.  It’s one of our favorite routes, and we’ve been saving it for a special occasion.  The casual 8 mile loop will take us down Prince, through 5 Points, past Sanford Stadium, into Dudely Park, and along the Greenway! As always, we will finish at Little Kings for some well-earned recovery beverages!  See y’all there!

Route Map


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Extra! Extra! March’s 2nd Group Ride

March now has double the fun! 2 Group Rides!

As you may have heard, we are shifting (pun intended) the dates of our Group Rides!  Moving forward, they will now be the LAST Friday of the month!  As always, the rides will start at 6:00PM from City Hall, and will wind through Athens for 5-9 miles before ending at Little Kings.  We ride slow and easy; no one get left behind! So mark your calendar’s!  To establish the new date, we are having a 2nd group ride March 27th!  Whoo!!

See y’all at City Hall!!  Here is a the route:

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March 6th Group Ride and Bike Light Give Away*

Group Ride Poster

March 6th we’ll ride Ride Bright! and hand out free lights!

With longer days and warmer weather (we hope) right around the corner, BikeAthens is proud to announce a special event: March 6th Group Ride & Bike Lights GiveAway, sponsored by Michael Ruppersburg, Attorney at Law!

The lengthening days do not mean we can take visibility for granted, which is why we’ve decided to host our first group ride of the year March 6th.  More amazingly, local attorney Michael Ruppersburg contacted us to support another bike light giveaway.

Here’s how it will work: as usual we’ll meet at City Hall to roll out at 6:00PM.  We’ll cruise down Boulevard, carve past ARMC, swing up through the Cobham neighborhood and finish at Little Kings at about 7:00PM, It is a relaxed well-lit route—a perfect introduction to our Group Rides.  Once we arrive at Little Kings, we’ll install free bike lights until 8:00PM, or until we run out of lights, whichever comes first!

Thank you again to Michael Ruppersburg for making the light giveaway possible!!!

*The ride starts at City Hall at 6:00PM.  The Bike Light Giveaway will start at 7:00PM at Little Kings. You must bring a bike to receive the free lights. We’ll install them for you!

Route Map for March 6th Group Ride

Beautiful Route for a Night Ride in Athens

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MLK Day of Service Volunteer Opportunity

MLK Day 2015

Join us for another MLK Day of Service

It’s that time of year again–time to take a Day On! In honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, BikeAthens Bike Recycling Program will be hosting volunteers this coming Monday from 10:00am–1:00pm! Join us as we re-organize after the Holiday Bikes 4 Kids Drive!! RSVPs appreciated, but not required: just drop us a line at

(Note: while we are not one of the 6 “official” Athens MLK projects sites, all volunteers are still invited to the MLK Day of Service breakfast, 9:00am at Thomas Lay Park. Free t-shirts for the first 300 volunteers)

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